About Us

Providing all-rounded services

The business scope of Prestige Wealth Group Limited covers Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand, etc. At PWG we provide a one-stop-shop to all of our clients here in Hong Kong, China and abroad to invest.

We provide all-rounded financial and high-quality insurance products and advice to our clients, including but not limited to the General Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long-term Insurance.

Asset Management
Building and managing your portfolio can be daunting; especially without the know-how. Let our professional portfolio managers ease your apprehensions by aiding you to achieve your goals. Building wealth or generating stable income; they have the expertise. Prosper Global leads asset management services at Prestige Wealth.

Overseas Property
The purchase of overseas properties has become a new trend. We are mainly engaged in the sale and purchase of overseas properties, and our business covers many countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and Thailand. With its brand reputation and market leadership, Prestige Investment brings high-quality global properties to the Hong Kong market.


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  1. When we born?

    Prestige Wealth Group Limited established as a broker to provide asset management and wealth management services.

  2. More than 100 partners

    Became partners of more than 100 of worldwide famous companies.

  3. The Award Winner

    Built our reputation from the industry and won more than 10 awards in just 3 years

  4. Our Singapore Business

    Began operations in Singapore and started our overseas property business.

  5. Our Macau Business

    Begin operations in Macau and keep growing up.