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    ASA Wealth Management Limited and Prestige Partners Limited provide all-round financial and high-quality insurance products and advice to our clients, including but not limited to General Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long-term Insurance.

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    Asset Management

    Prosper Global Asset Management Limited help to build and manage your portfolio can be daunting; especially without the know-how. Let our professional portfolio managers ease your apprehensions by aiding you to achieve your goals. They have the expertise on building wealth and generating stable income. Prosper Global leads the asset management services at Prestige Wealth.

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    Overseas Property

    Prestige Investment International Limited is an overseas property expert. The purchase of overseas properties has become a new trend. We are engaged in the sale and purchase of overseas properties, and our business covers many countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and Thailand. With its brand reputation and market leadership, Prestige Investment brings high-quality global properties to the Hong Kong market.

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    Investment Advisory

    Prestige Investment Advisory PTE. LED. is a Singapore home-grown real estate consultancy that offers a full spectrum of real estate marketing and management services.

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    Grow with Us


    1. The Birth of Prestige Wealth Group Limited

      Prestige Wealth Group Limited established as an insurance broker to provide asset management and wealth management services.

    2. More than 100 partners

      Became partners of more than 100 of worldwide well known companies.

    3. Award-winning Excellence

      Built our reputation in the industry and won more than 10 awards in just 3 years

    4. Our Singapore Business

      Began our overseas property business operation in Singapore

    5. Our Macau Business

      We are kickstarting our insurance business operation in Macau.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • +What documents do I need provided for my plan?
      Before applying for insurance, you need to prepare the insured’s ID number (Hong Kong or other place of residence), basic contact information, as well as the insured’s height, weight and medical records and credit card information.
    • +Medical cost keeps rising. How do I ensure my insurance can cover all my medical expenses?
      Full Cover Benefit provides an annual maximum benefit for hospital expenses with no limit on each individual item. Eligible medical expenses include room and board, surgical fees, anesthetist’s fees, and miscellaneous hospital services. Diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, and physiotherapy after surgery or cancer treatment are also fully covered, if the total cost is within the annual maximum limit.
    • +How will you help me through the application process?
      We will guide you through the application and enrollment process. Your advisor is there to answer all of your questions regarding the application form and timeline to get cover.  And suggest you the most suitable plans.

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